Oxford East MP Andrew Smith said:
“I welcome this initiative, enabling women to speak out, share experiences, and press for change.  Any harassment, in the street or wherever it occurs, is totally unacceptable. We all need to do our bit to create a climate where its perpetrators are stopped.  In a civilised society everyone should be able to be safe and feel safe.”
Contributor to the site Rachael said:
‘I submitted my story to Hollaback to share the kind of experience that is all too common – unasked for, aggressive and frightening behaviour and comments. It was useful to see my experience up there with other people’s, and although it paints a nasty picture, I think it’s helpful for people to show what’s happening, how it upsets/scares them and actually gives people some kind of action they can take (as often there isn’t any when things happen so quickly) and publicises what’s happening. It serves as a useful prompt for bigger changes that need to happen so thanks to the Oxford team’.
Contributor to the site Emily said:
Even though I was with two friends when a stranger made sexualised comments to me in the street, sharing my experience with Hollaback! made me feel less alone and gave me a place to proactively channel the outrage and embarrassment I felt at being singled out and harassed in a public place. Reading other people’s stories made me realise how pervasive street harassment is around Oxford; it was also alarming to see first-hand evidence that women are the primary targets for this behaviour. I feel empowered knowing that my experience counts and hasn’t been diminished or ignored; I also feel hopeful that collectively we can challenge the perception that this type of unsolicited and intimidating behaviour is excusable or harmless.