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The importance of online ‘safe spaces’

What we mean by ‘safe space’ is simply a place that enables people to share their experiences, when they may otherwise be silenced. They are cast as the enemy of free speech. But the truth is that they are an important tool for empowering minorities and marginalized groups. The UK is unfortunately still dominated by … Continued

Brexit, political rhetoric, and racially motivated street harassment

Recently, I’ve been feeling alienated and disenfranchised. I no longer recognise the rhetoric of this country’s leaders, or the image of Britain they are trying to project, and I no longer feel safe.  A woman was physically assaulted as she was shopping on Oxford Street – the perpetrator pulling down her hijab. This is an … Continued

Harassment Is: a Hollaback! site leader’s perspective

I’m Miranda – I’m a co-site leader for Hollaback! Oxford. Hollaback! is a global movement to end street harassment or sexual harassment in public spaces, and we launched the Oxford site in July this year to end the issue of street harassment in our local area.   I’ve lived in Oxford for two years, but … Continued

Street harassment around the world

Take a look at the shocking figures around street harassment, which have been revealed by a survey conducted by Hollaback! and ILR School at Cornell University.

Talking about street harassment

If you end up talking about street harassment with someone who hasn’t experienced it, or doesn’t think it’s ‘that bad’ – you could be in for a difficult conversation. The Hollaback! map can go some way to telling the story of just how awful and widespread an issue it is, all supported by comprehensive research … Continued

A bystanders guide

Check out this quick guide for witnesses to Street Harassment and see how you can help! Share on Facebook: