Anti-discrimination and comments policy

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Replacing sexism with racism is not a proper holla back. Same goes for classism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, and the usage of any other identity signifier. Harassment comes from people in every facet of our cultures and society. We ask that you refrain from referencing the attributes of your harasser because this movement is about changing societal values, not pointing fingers. If you feel those details are important to your story, please make sure its relevance is explained clearly and constructively in your post. Hollaback! Oxford reserves the right to remove from stories any unnecessary signifiers, libellous comments, or hate speech that we feel goes against our anti-discrimination and comments policies.

Comments Policy

We think that telling your experiences with harassment is an incredibly bold act.  We admire the people that have the strength to do it, and we want their experience to be 100% empowering.  Too often survivors of sexual and gender-based violence do not get the respect they deserve.  Follow these three simple rules.

1. No woulda coulda shoulda. Keep any advice you have for what the person should have done in the situation to yourself.  We know you’re just trying to help, but harassment has a way of filling people with self doubt and they don’t need your encouragement.

2. Don’t hate. If you feel a desire to leave a comment along the lines of “you deserve it,” or “you’re a bitch/slut/t****y/f*g”, don’t; we won’t publish it.

3. Debate ideas, not people’s lives. If we post an idea or a concept on the site that you don’t like, tell us about it.  If we post someone’s personal experience on the site that you don’t like, too bad.