“He continued following me and by this point he was shouting abuse” – Anonymous

A couple of months ago I was walking through Gloucester Green when a man started walking beside me, asking questions – was I a student, where was I going, etc. I ignored him at first and carried on walking, but he kept following me and was sounding increasingly annoyed. I stopped to look at him and asked him to stop following me, at which point he got angry, saying that he wasn’t following me and that I was being rude. I didn’t respond and carried on walking.

He continued following me and by this point he was shouting abuse. I turned around again and told him that if he didn’t stop following me, I would phone the police. Thankfully at this point a woman who had been passing by intervened and asked if I was ok – I explained and she offered to walk with me to her office, which I took her up on. The man followed us through the side-road and down past the coach station shouting abuse, but by the time we reached George Street he’d given up. I phoned the police and they offered to check CCTV; unfortunately, the camera hadn’t been working and so there was no footage. I gave a description of the man instead, which they said they’d keep on record.