International Street Harassment Week

Hello Oxford,

Sunday 2nd April marks the start of International Anti-Street Harassment Week. Here at Hollaback! Oxford we have been working to end street harassment in the local area. Whether you are a local business, an individual, a student, or just passing through, we’d like you to get involved.

Who are Hollaback! Oxford?END Street Harrasment

We are a team of three local volunteers who are part of a global network of activists working to make the streets safer for ALL who use them.

What do we do?

1. We run the Hollaback! Oxford site where both victims and bystanders of street harassment can share their story and pin the location of an incident on our interactive map

2. We campaign locally on behalf of the people who share their stories

3. We shine a spotlight on the issue of street harassment in the national sphere to influence policy makers

What can you do?

If you run, or work in, a local business you can print out this letter and post it in your premises. You can also share the digital copy of this letter on social media with your followers.

If you are an individual you can share this message on social media and spread the word to your friends and colleagues. You can also share your story of street harassment with us.

You can also join us at Bonn Square on April 2nd at 12:30pm for a Chalk Walk where we will chalk slogans on the pavement to reclaim the streets and take a stand against street harassment.

Why is it important?

We believe all individuals should have equal access to public spaces and that no one should feel unsafe in their local area.


With love and revolution,


The Hollaback! Oxford team


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