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August 9, 2017

“He reached out and tried to…

Back in December last year I was at the Royal Blenheim pub with a friend, waiting to be served at the bar. A man next to us, who was clearly very drunk - he was having trouble standing and his speech was slurred - kept trying to make conversation with me. Trying to be polite, I replied briefly to what he'd said, but didn't want to encourage the conversation. He…
August 9, 2017

“He continued following me and by…

A couple of months ago I was walking through Gloucester Green when a man started walking beside me, asking questions - was I a student, where was I going, etc. I ignored him at first and carried on walking, but he kept following me and was sounding increasingly annoyed. I stopped to look at him and asked him to stop following me, at which point he got angry, saying that…
May 19, 2017

“Too shocked to say or do…

On the S1 bus from Oxford to Witney after work this evening, I became quite aware of a man who had moved more than once as the bus emptied out, getting progressively closer until he sat opposite me and kept glancing over. I got off the bus in part of Witney and so did he; he was in front of me at first then turned round to look at me…


Reclaiming Spaces: event opening

We are exhibiting a range of works by local artists on the theme of ‘reclaiming spaces’ and to open it we are hosting an evening of entertainment and discussion about street harassment in Oxford. The Opening Evening Our evening of discussion and music will be free to all – so join us on 5th August at Fusion … Continued

International Street Harassment Week

Sunday 2nd April marks the start of International Anti-Street Harassment Week. Here at Hollaback! Oxford we have been working to end street harassment in the local area. Whether you are a local business, an individual, a student, or just passing through, we’d like you to get involved.