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October 27, 2016

Tracy’s story: “What do they get…

I got off the bus at Templars Square, hadn't walked two paces when a car full of lads drove by, shouting 'Hey love, you working!?' I ignored them as it's the best policy, but it's threatening to be shouted at by a car full of men late at night (it was 10 pm and there were not many people about). What do they get out of it?
September 29, 2016

Emily’s story: “It made me feel…

I was out on my lunch break, wearing jeans and a baggy shirt, walking to get a sandwich and ranting on the phone about my stressful morning, and a van drove past me. One of the guys wolf whistled at me and shouted "I want to fuck you in the arse" - it was horrible and made me feel violated and embarrassed. The driver very quickly chimed in with "that…
Jamaica Plain
September 29, 2016

Katherine’s story

I was cycling home from work and went round St Clement's roundabout. It was busy so movement was slow and a car kept revving and bumping into my back tyre the entire way around the roundabout. I turned around and a car full of men (maybe on drugs, and drinking) started yelling abuse at me. They drove along next to me as I progressed down Iffley Road forcing me off…


5 reasons women stay silent on harassment

Street harassment is all too common. It can take many awful forms and its impact can be diverse and devastating. However victims of street harassment often are not able to share these experiences, and we have compiled a list of 5 key issues which can hold people back from speaking out.   Escalation or later … Continued

The importance of online ‘safe spaces’

What we mean by ‘safe space’ is simply a place that enables people to share their experiences, when they may otherwise be silenced. They are cast as the enemy of free speech. But the truth is that they are an important tool for empowering minorities and marginalized groups. The UK is unfortunately still dominated by … Continued

Brexit, political rhetoric, and racially motivated street harassment

Recently, I’ve been feeling alienated and disenfranchised. I no longer recognise the rhetoric of this country’s leaders, or the image of Britain they are trying to project, and I no longer feel safe.  A woman was physically assaulted as she was shopping on Oxford Street – the perpetrator pulling down her hijab. This is an … Continued